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Protection Detail

Introducing our Protection Detail, The complete exterior cleansing package with all elements of the vehicle's exterior attended to. Firstly we start with a deep clean on those wheels & arches, Then we turn our attention to the bodywork, with a full safe wash, chemical decontamination followed by a sealant.

Key Points:

  • We only use purified water to ensure the best possible finish on your vehicle. 

  • We only use products that are safe for your vehicle along with our belief  that they are some of the best in the industry. 

  • Suitable Clients: Perfect for clients Who want to Protect their vehicle but don't want to go down the full ceramic route or its the perfect winter protection package to keep the vehicle protected during the harsh winter months.

  • Vehicle Condition: Geared towards vehicles that are generally in good condition and don't require a major internal overhaul.

  • Duration: Estimated service duration ranges between 3/3.5  hours, ensuring thorough care for your vehicle

Our Protection Detail includes the below:

Protection Detail - Ceramic coating
Protection Detail - Ceramic coating
Protection Detail - Ceramic coating


  • Wheels & Arches Cleaned

  • Prewash & pH Neutral Snow foam Applied

  • Multi Bucket SafeWash

  • Chemical Decontamination (Tar & Iron Fallout Removed)

  • Safely Dried

  • 6/8 Month Spray Sealant Applied To The Bodywork

  • Spray Sealant Applied To Wheel Faces

  • Plastic Trims Dressed 

  • Outside Glass Cleaned

  • Tyres & Arches Dressed - Non Silicone Dressing

  • Exhaust Tips Polished ( Were Applicable )


  • Door Shuts Cleaned

  • Interior Glass Cleaned

  • Interior Thoroughly Vacuumed

  • Interior Surfaces Wiped

Small / Medium £150
Large / 4X4 £160

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